Mozilla Firefox Awareness @ Naogaong

I always love to meet with new people; specially in my country and outside of major cities to share my knowledge. This time I got a opportunity to meet with people of Naogaong, a big city of North Bengal. Through mozilla’s Windows 10 Community Activation Campaign I got this opportunity to share my knowledge about open web, open source, Firefox, mozilla etc.

The event took place in Basundhara Computer Training Center. From Dhaka 2 mozillians traveled with me for this event. First we started with a little description of mozilla and mozilla Bangladesh. Then Ashfaq talked about Open Web; and why should we care about it. He played few videos also of mozilla.

After Ashfaq I started to talked about few features of Firefox. After that I demonstrate how user can make Firefox default browser in Windows 10.

After that, it was open floor to ask questions. There were few common questions from maximum participant, why my Firefox crashes; why my Firefox is slow; why my Firefox hang. We give them proper solution of there problem.

giving answer of participants questions.

This is how the program ended. We found participant have little knowledge about open web and internet. I think it is the biggest achievement of our, that we have teach them why should we care about and think about the web. And open web matters most.

Thanks to “Basundhara Computer Training Center” to give us opportunity to host this event.

More pictures:

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