Promoting Firefox is one of my hobby. I am doing it since 2011 and still is going on. I always looking forward to promote Firefox and when I get change I do that. Mozilla gives me a opportunity to promote Firefox through Windows 10 community activation Campaign. This time I get this opportunity in DUET, little far away from capital Dhaka.

Journey from Dhaka to DUET was good, we reached in time. We took some rest and start our program.

First CSE department head of the university, IT society lead give there honorable speech. Then I introduce my self and give a small description what we will be do in the program.

After that, Seeam starts how mozilla was started, history of Firefox, what is open web, why we should care about it.

Seeam is talking about mozilla
Talking about history of Firefox
Answering questions

He made a smooth start. After him Rashik talked about FSA. He present a slide regarding FSA, demonstrate how to become a FSA.

Talking about FSA


Soon after he finished, I took the floor. Showed them how they can make Firefox default as an web browser in Windows 10. Talk why we should use Firefox to protect our online data privacy.


After that it was open floor. Participant asked for support related questions. We tried to give them support.


Special thanks to Sharif one of my best buddy and Ratul for behind the scene support in the event. Thanks to M A Muktadir Hussain for helping us to organize this event, doing all the academic and official task for this event. Thanks all for all those participants. Hope to meet them all again. 

I will keep this movement going, to keep the web Free and Open.

Some more pictures :

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