Webmaker App workshop – HSTU

It was a quick planning. I was planned for Windows 10 community activation event in Dinajpur. I went there one day before for a Webmaker app workshop. We tried to follow this guide line. Since it was my first time for Webmaker app workshop, we couldn’t follow it completely .

It was fun to teach how to make an app using an app through mobile. First participant thought they need to write code for it. But when I demonstrate the app, they just amazed.


Talking about Webmaker and Webmaker App


Teaching how to make an app


Busy with app making


Difficulty I faced

Since it was my first time for Webmaker app workshop, I had faced few difficulty. Like

  • Internet connection: Though venue was a university, but not every participant have there own internet. Even there was no public wifi. We provide a mobile broadband using a router, but speed was not sufficient to cover 20-30 people at time.
  • Lack of mentors: We were two mentors there. It was hard for both us to mentor 20-30 people at a time.
  • Lack of resources : When quick planed for the event, there was not enough resources. Like- a tutorial of how to use Webmaker App, may be I am wrong, but I couldn’t find any public resources.
  • Lack of imagination : When I asked participate to prototype an app idea, I realized it is very hard for them.

Some thought to get rid of those difficulty

  • If you are doing an workshop outside of capital and the venue has no public wifi, be sure you have 2-3 wifi router. Always try to ensure public wifi.
  • If you have a participation of  20++ people, you should have more then 3 mentors.
  • First talk with the participant about the daily activity, if participant is student then talk about there daily classes. Then you can help them to develop there app idea.

Event Successes

About 10 participants installed Webmaker App in their mobile. 10 demo app was created, some links are here.


Thanks to Sharif  for traveling with me and for mentor. Mofaqkhayrul I. Mim for helping us to organize these events. Thansk to MoFo Webmaker team; they have had sent budget for BIW; I received adequate amount to conduct this workshop during “Bangladesh Internet Week”.

More pictures


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