Yes, the meetup finally happened. According to this mail in the public mailing list, I am one of the luckiest person 😀 to join this meetup. Though I know that I am the luckiest person because, I got my invitation mail (from the organizing body) on 31 May 2015 😉 . I’d like to thanks all the organizers to organize this awesome  meetup.

Journey to the venue

My journey for the meetup started early morning, with receiving Mahir,  Istiyak and Forhad. Around 1:30 PM we started journey with fellow mozillians  in the bus 🙂 .

Mozillians in the Bus

Then I went to Dhaka airport to receive Riyad, who came from Chittagong .  After that me and Riyad received Amit who lives in Dhaka from Gabtoli and started our journey towards the venue. The venue was far from the main road, so it took quite long to reach. We reached there just before dinner 🙂 . I recieved all four of  mozillian from my own interest, no one force me to attend them.

Sessions and Learning

On the First day we started around 9:30 AM. First we introduced ourselves. Then we was asked to talk with a new person whom I didn’t know or met before the meetup, and for me there were only one person whom I never met before. The person is Towaha.  Then Rosana and Brian start talking about mozilla’s mission and manifesto. We were given printed copy of  manifesto. Then we made a small groups of Four people to discuss about the manifesto. Then Rosana asked us to talked about out on the favorite manifesto.  Then we asked to prepare a role play with out favorite manifesto.  From our group Maliha and Zak did the role play. Our role play was about “Individuals must have the ability to shape the Internet and their own experiences on it” . The plot of the role was, how internet dot org is violating this.

Role play

After this role play, we do some paper works. We put some idea what is working in our community that makes us big and super active. What is not working for us. We wrote a lot of ideas.

Writing idea

Looking to the idea

List of ideas

Then we have little tea break.  After that we had a ice breaking session. Gautham Raj started the ice breaking session called ” Ali Baba and Forty Thief ” .

Some move 🙂

Then we split into few groups and Rosana discussed about Reverse Engineering of event planing.

Reverse Engineering of event planing

Then we were given some piece of paper, to sort out which are Input, Activities, Outputs, Outcomes and Impact. I found it is very hard to find these, and we have different opinion about it.

After that Laura discuss about the Goal of Webamker Launch in Bangladesh. Some sort of activities to can do to achieve the goal. She describes the activities, and ask us to put our plan to reach that goal.

Webmaker Goal

Then we write our small plan to achieve the Goal in the timeline. There were plenty of Plans.

Plans to achieve the Goal

After that we had a small tea break. After the break, we discussed who will lead each specific task to achieve the Goal. Then we sit in groups with our task lead to do speed planning. I am in localization group and my task lead is Belayet bhai.  Then we all describe how we will finish our task. With it the first day of session ends.

The second day sessions started with recap of first day. Since all the participants were the leader of mozilla Bangladesh, we have our own super power which makes our community super active and healthy. We were asked to write our own super power by answering few questions.

After that we started deep planing the task that we had taken to achieve the webmaker goal. Our task is small but it is not in one place. We are the only team who have to do two thing in one task. And those things are not final yet.

After that, we shred what he planed for. It was very interesting. Then it was time for next mission for this year. A product I like, and used most when it comes to mobile. It is Firefox for Android. Mozilla has done some research about this in Mozilla India community.  They have some personas. We discuss about them, which is true for us, which isn’t.  Then we hack our own personas. We agree and disagree on them.

Then we had our Group Photo.

After that, we take the took the pledge, that we will work together to achieve the goal.  This his how the meetup officially ends 🙂 .

Two big goals for rest of the year for us

Those who miss the meetup, this is for them. In the meetup we have discussed about two goals for us for the rest of the year. They are

  • 10,000 download of webmaker app within 60 days after launch in Bangladesh.
  • Increase the number of user of Firefox for Android in Bangladesh.

Meet with new and known faces

Meetup always gives us the opportunity to meet with new people. In this meetup I met with Towaha. Interestingly he is a Reps, but I never met with him or talked with him never seen him in any community events and in community discussions. It was my pleasure to meet with him. For the rest of the other all are known faces to me.

Bangladesh Community Super Powers

I would never know that, my fellow community member have this much super powers. You can see them in this pad. Specially one of them engage 400 mozillian within few months. As a community builder, I am amazed to learn this. I wish I can build community like this.

I just created it few months ago and it has about 400 people in it ; Most of them are super cool with working with Mozilla, besides I’m making a womoz community there too; which has about 80 girls now;

 I would like to know in that much short time, how he is enable to engage 400 mozillian in Sylhet.

Feeling left behind

I actually don’t work with the largest community in Bangladesh. I think i should not mention why I don’t. But I have been making a community in my city 😉

This is a quote from my fellow mozillian. He is doing a great job I believe, but when I sow this line, it hurts me. This is not the community culture that we believe and follow.

My realization

After the meetup I realize few things, like

  • What ever our personal relation is, together we can achieve of lot of things.
  • Still I am confused, why we missed some awesome contributor in the meetup. Without few of them, for me meetup was not complete.

What are my disagee and personal relation with fellow mozillians are, I will work with them to reach the common goal, besides I have to work to achieve other goal also.

7 thoughts on “Mozilla Bangladesh Community Meetup 2015

  1. Though I am the unlucky Mozillian from MozillaBD ! But this article is really sophisticated and many important things are represented here. Something someone never focused for white skin but you represented 🙂

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