This picture express a lot of thing.  A full set of SuMo warriors in one picture. If you are thinking about any kind of meetup, then you are right. It is Mozilla Bangladesh – SuMo Community Meetup 1.0 . This meetup was took place in Midas Convention Center on 29-30 May 2015 with the participation of 35 current and future awesome SuMo warriors.


This  meetup is a recognition for those who had contributed for last one and half year, to achieve many milestone of SuMo from  SUMO top 100 KB localization challenge and mozilla Bangladesh  to A Gift to Firefox from Mozilla Bangladesh . It was a long deserved meetup and celebration for us. Though the dates were changed few times, but at last we did it.

 Meetup Planning

It was Safwan, our “SuMo King” who give us the idea about the meetup. His idea was simple, we will gather in one place, talk with each other, have some fun. Since we worked on online every time. But as times passed, our necessity became higher and higher. So we planed to include few training session. Then the meetup became a huge plan.  First our target was to complete is meetup in February, but due to political unrest, the dates changed few times and last fixed in May 2015. You can have the meetup details here.

 Meetup Sessions

As we planned before, there were several sessions for the meetup. Except first two session all other sessions were directly associated with “How to contribute to SuMo” . Starting with Mozilla: Who we are & What we want by Seeam . Then Ashfaq started Mozilla: Who we are & What we want . After that it was Seeam again, he presented Introduction to SuMo : Why Support is important . Then Safwan and Seeam presented Support Forum basics and discussing some common forum questions. It was a hands on session.  Then it was Safwan who talked about Hands on: Answering forum question .  Second day started with Crash ≠  CRUSH ! by Safwan 😀 .   Then it was Pranjol and Raiyad with Hand on Session KB updating (Bengali).

Seeam – What is Mozilla

Ashfaq – Introduction to SuMo: Why Support is Important

Seeam – Support Forum basics and discussing some common forum questions


Safwan Rahman aka SuMo King of Mozilla BD


Safwan – Crash ≠ CRUSH !

Pranjol – KB updating

Raiyad – KB updating

Meet With Contributors

Meetup means meeting with contributors.  Contributors from different part of Bangladesh. This was our first meetup. We tried to invite all contributors of SuMo. There were few faces that we had never seen in any community events like: Nure Alam Miaji , Nafiur Rahman , Khairul Basher Sujon , Fatin Shahazad . It was awesome feeling to meet with them for the first time.

Khairul Basher Sujon

Nafiur Rahman

Fatin Shahazad

Nure Alam Miaji




A meetup with out food is nothing 🙂 . We had plenty of yammy foods in the meetup. I can say the meetup was full of food 😀 .

Lichee 😀



Planning for 2015

With meetup we did some planning and brain storming. You can see the planning and road map for 2015. You can see the planning here.



New Faces

A lot of things happen, which can not be expressed. Last thing to say, next time we will be more big.

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