BASIS Digital World is the biggest ICT exhibition of Bangladesh.  Around 200 Govt and private exhibitor and 3,00,000 visitors take part in this exhibition. Like BASIS Digital World 2014 we had a booth in the name of Mozilla Foundation.

The exhibition was for four days from 9 February to 12 February 2015.  The full exhibition was in 4 part. We were is Soft Expo. But due to Prime Minister protocol and security we merely had the first day. But from the second day it was quite well.

From last year booth, this year we have more booth attendee and visitor. So we decide something different this year. We gave all logistic responsibility two mozillians (Sharif, Tapu Afrad) . There task was to look after booth attendee need, are the booth attendee is on time time or not, boost up there confident, changing booth attendee after a certain time etc.  They did an awesome job. If it was not those two specially Sharif, it would be hard for us.

Though the exhibition is for four days, we count it as five days including one day for booth decoration. Since mozilla is a nonprofit and different organization we don’t do luxurious decoration. Day before the booth we spend that day to decorate the booth by ourselves and help of some carpenter. This time Sharif, Rabbi and Safwan help us to do so.

Day One

Our honorable Prime Minister inaugurate the exhibition. Due to Prime Minister protocol and Security we merely have the first day. We only had 2 hour and 30 minute.  We consider that day as our practice day.  On that day we figure out how to operate rest of three days.

Day Two

Second day started on time.  We set up a hand made SuMo chart in one side of the booth, on the other side of the booth we showed Webmaker and App Maker.  We had few Firefox OS devices with us, if any one interested to explore Firefox OS we showed them the devices.  At the middle of the day, we got some printed material of MDN, SuMo and Bangla Spell Checker.

Visitors are searching there problem in Firefox and asking for solution.


Sunnat on Action


Crowd in our booth


Rabbi talking with a potential dev

Day Three and Day Four

Day three and four started on time. This day we put down the SuMo chart and we start to promote Firefox Hello be starting Firefox Hello in two laptop on the booth. Visitors where amazed to see the new feature of Firefox. They loved it very much. On the other side visitor was crowded to see App Maker and Webmaker. We had few developer attendee on the booth also. If any one came to our booth for Firefox OS app development  our developer attendee talked with them.

Day three, few of the booth attendee


Visitor showing his interest to organize an event in his institute


A sixteen feet booth is not enough for us. Attendees are attending visitor outside of the booth.


Zak is talking with visitor


Fun with Firefox Hello


Awesome Asma is talking with visitors


Shovo on fire


Last Day crowd


Last day group photo


Booting into Gecko @ Developers Conference

Developers Conference is the biggest conference in the Digital World.  Aniruddha gave a talk in the conference about Firefox OS initialed Booting into Gecko. Slide is available here.

Aniruddha in Developer Conference


Aniruddha in Developer Conference
Aniruddha in Developer Conference


New mozillians of Mozilla Bangladesh

Recruiting new contributor is always great, but it is awesome when you can recruit constant contributor and make them new faces for the community. Event like booth in public exhibition is a great way to recruit and justify new contributors. Mozilla Booth @ BASIS Digital World 2015 is such event.

Fazle Rabby , Asma Swapna ,  Mahbub Alam , Khalid SyfullahAsif Raihan ,  Nandita Roy  are few of those contributors are not newly recruited, but there passion and love for open web was tested from this booth .

Dev Hub


Developer Support


Demonstration of Firefox Hello


Logistic and attendee


Awesome things in a pictures


Firefox tattoo ❤


Firefox OS
Out of booth


Special thanks

I don’t want to write this part, but need to write this. I have to give acknowledgement to them, without whom this booth was not possible and successful. Thanks to Gen for the awesome help regarding budget. Thanks to MAK for ensuring 8X16 feet booth in the last moment for us. Thanks to Sharif, Tapu Afrad for your awesome support in the booth, without you it was impossible for me.  And thanks to all of them who were the attendee of the booth.

See you next year, if we all alive.

A lots of pictures of the booth.

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