Yes we did it, we successfully complete the sumo top 100 KB localization challenge. It took almost 60 days to complete this. Thanks to our dedicated contributor’s awesome help and support. Still I am imagining how did we achieve this goal. Lets start from the begging.


Early days as a contributor I was departed to find some solid contribution way to mozilla. Then I came to know about SUMO, and its contribution ways. I was lucky SUMO have KB localization, and that time I did some localization for mozilla and various FOSS. So I start contributing at KB L10N. I got help from locale lead of bn-bd that time. I was continuously localizing SUMO KB’s until I noticed my localization  are not reviewing by the reviewer, because he was busy with other work and his studies. So I stop localization, but I was active on SUMO contributor forum.

In that time I learn about SUMO buddy program from SUMO contributor forum and applied for it, that was a pilot project that time. Since I can localize SUMO KB, so I start to train other to localize and I find some awesome contributor from there. But still I was not satisfied, because our locale was falling behind, just for we don’t have dedicated reviewer.

At mozilla summit 2013 I met with some awesome sumo contributors and Rosana, SUMO buddy program lead. From there we plan how we can grow our community. At mozilla festival I met with Rosana again. We plan so many things for bn-bd. Rosana told me to aim for top 20 KB localization, and so on. And she also give review power so that I can review articles.

After returning from festival I was trying to get together our KB localizer so we can finish the top 20 KB. And we successfully complete that. Then the big challenge was declared by the community, and our mission started from there.


Things started with this blog post. It was not that easy to start for a huge task. So we call for a open meeting, and we decide what to do, how to do? In the meeting we have decided that, me, Sawfan and Rabbi will be in IRC for a specif time to help new contributor.  Rabbi will write a blog post about how to localize SUMO KB.  And then it was officially announce that we are starting to finish this challenge.

Working Process

We make a contributor working pad.  The pad have few section. First one is description, then the contributor list, then the working area. We divided the working are into 3 section. First one is Doing, here contributors put the article name which they have started along with there name. Second part is Done, if a article localization is finish  then the contributor cut it from the Doing section and paste in the Done Section. From the Done section Reviewer (unfortunately I am the only reviewer of bn_BD) review the localize article and after finishing it, put the article in the Reviewed section. This is how we worked.

Initial Review

We found that it is hard a single person to complete review. So come with a plan, that our experience contributor will do a review for the reviewer, and inform reviewer. We named it initial review.  It was very much helpful for us.

New Contributors

Through out this challenge we found new contributors for SUMO like : Ashfaq, Nandita, Raiyad, IkramAmit and others. It was fun and thrill to guide new contributors.

First one site SUMO KB L10N sprint in Bangladesh

To achieve this challenge, first time we arrange a on site SUMO KB L10N sprint. It was fun to do localization face to face. We learn a lots of thing, which a localizer faces when they start localizing.

You can see our conversation here.


4 thoughts on “SUMO top 100 KB localization challenge and mozilla Bangladesh

  1. Congratulations to you and the Bangladesh community on meeting the goal and thanks for sharing your process!

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