It was #awesome.  We have successfully complete about 12 SuMo localization and successfully reviewed 9 of them.  Now the current dashboard looks like

SuMo KB bn-bd Dashboard after SuMo KB l10n onsite sprint Dhaka.

From a long time I was planning to organize a SuMo (support mozilla) event in Bangladesh. We do advocacy of this mozilla project but never did any stand alone program of it.  “Top 100″: the SUMO localization challenge! triggered my will. We accept the challenge and starts our sprint.  As a part of our sprint we organize a SuMo KB l10n onsite Dhaka Sprint.

It was very hard for us to find a venue for this event. But thanks to BRACU Firefox Club helping us to use there computer lab.

At the start Safwan describe about SuMo. He describe what it SuMo, how we can contribute to this project.  You can get the slides from here.

Safwan is talking about SuMo

After him Rabby shows how we can localize SuMo KB in our local Language.  In this talk he describe all the things that are necessary for localization.

Rabby is showing how to localize SuMo KB

After him participants starts localizing. We successfully completed  12 KB localization and 9 of them reviewed at the same time.  Tapu Afrad was the first who completed a KB localization.

This is how a end a program of SuMo worriers.

More pictures

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