After a lot of discussion and talk with authority we got permission to organize a webmaker event in DUI on February 2014. To promote the event we planed to setup a booth.  Due to busy schedule it was hard to get venue. But finally we got venue for 28 February.

We setup a booth on 26 February to promote our event. The booth was for 3 hour. We get a lot of response from the booth.

Booth visitor
Booth attendee

On the event date we started on time.  From mozilla Bangladesh there was 6 trainer. I started with mozilla mission and webmaker. Then we starts showing them the webmaker tools.

Rifaz shows them how to use Thimble. Sunnat help him a little to code.

Rifaz “Doing good is part of our code “

After him Sunnat showed how to use Popcorn maker.

Sunnat Showing Popcorn maker

After that Sharif showed xray googls. It was the most interesting part. Audiences were full of surprise.

Sharif showing xray goggles


After that we make the floor open to ask question regarding moziila, mozilla Bangladesh and other thing. This is how an awesome event finished.

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