After a long waiting at last NSU Tech Fiesta take place.  With the great support of NSU Firefox Club and Mozilla Bangladesh community we have successfully arrange 2 sessions (Firefox App Train and WebMaker intro). Thanks to all those who work hard for this.

First we starts with Firefox OS App train. Sunnat starts with quick introduction of firefox OS with his awesome popcorn make.  He talked about what is firefox OS,  how it is build, where it is launched, etc etc.


After that Anisur Rahman start talking about how to build Firefox OS Application.  Participants install Firefox OS simulator in there computer , we demonstrate Firefox OS developer preview phone,  and nexus 7 with Firefox OS community build. After installing the Firefox OS simulator Anisur Rahman started to show how to code for Firefox OS Application.  He shows how to build a Hello World Application.


IMG_20140324_115344670 IMG_20140324_115502813
Second session was about webmaker.  I started the session with little introduction of WebMaker. I talked about WebMaker Tools, Templates and WebMaker Community.


After that Rashiq (NSU FSA) talk about Thimble.  He shows how to use thimble and how to learn coding using Thimble.  Participants where interested about it.

IMG_20140324_145600499 IMG_20140324_145836160
After him Sunnat talked about Popcorn Maker.  He shows how to to build an awesome video on using popcorn maker.


After his demo, Salman Rahman shows how to use MDN to learn coding.  He also shows how to contribute to MDN project.
After there session, perticipants make some popcorn makes with in few minutes. We give some swags and finish the event.

Again thanks to all specially NSU FSA’s to make this event a success.


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