Mozilla Festival 2013

I was just amazed when I got a mail that I am invited to perticipate at Mozilla Festival 2013 as a mozilla reps volunteer. I was little bit confused, because the mail was not from mozilla, but when I check the reps portal the mail sender is a reps also, then I become sure that I am invited.

I was so pleased that mozilla invited me, instead of I didn’t apply for that. My joy come to zero (0) when I learned that it will take minimum 15 working days to get UK visa, and I don’t have that much time because that time I was preparing myself to attend mozilla summit 2013 which was held at USA,  and I will not get enough time after returning from summit.  But thanks to Swarnava he inform me that there is something called fast track. I check again with local visa processing agency and they inform me I can get visa with in 2 workings days if I can fulfil some requirement.  I was happy then, because on of the requirement you have to visit USA atlist one time before apply for visa :). After returing from summit I apply for visa and I got it. Thanks to mozilla for helping me to got my visa.

We where ask to reached london 24 October one day before the festival. For that I started on 23 October from Dhaka. I reached London safely but had to face tough imigration :). There question what will you do at the festival. Fortunately they let me enter at UK :D. After collecting my bag, I was seaching for two fellow reps, who arrived 30 minutes before me, but I fail to find them, and when saw there message, they already started for hotel. Then I started for the hotel also.

First Webmaker Mentor Call

I am contributing to webmaker project from March 2013, but I never attend webmaker mentor calls. But I was lucky enough that, there was a mentor call at 24 October, and we where invited to mozilla London office to attend the call. It was fun to attend the mentor call.

Meet with fellow reps

It was my third mozilla program over the border, and second time for a reps only meeting. But this time it was not that much reps, so atleast I can talk with them better then before :).

Meet with other volunteers of festival

We where 268 contributer in the festival including reps, mozillian and others. I was amazed to see a lots of contributor there, more over I have learned that on the first festival the amount of the perticipants was near to this year contributor. Isn’t it amazing, we are growning for sure.

First day of festival
First day part one was just for meetup of all contributors, general discussions, telling us our responsibilities and discussion amongst the space wrangler and there sessions and scrum. Making posters and banners for there floor. We remix (hacked) some webmaker tshirt for ourselves.

From 6 PM science fair was started, there was a Firefox Student Ambassador booth, a webmaker booth also. There was a lots of freaky things like paintbrush printer, which print using paintbrush and paper paint with instruction from PC. Also there was booth for app maker, which enable you to make web apps visually.  There was a booth from Open Knowledge foundation, knight foundation, github etc. It was continue for two hours. Then we go for all reps dinner at O2 arena near to venue, after dinner back to hotel.

Second day of Festival

We went early to the venue to set reps booth. Set up our booth and fixed a place where we can put our stuffs. Purpose of the booth was to promote mozilla mission to the festival participants, and for us if we need any help. Soon we finish decorating our booth, we rush to the keynotes. Some one said that, she like webmaker because, once her teacher told her she can not learn how to build web, but thanks to webmaker, now she can build her own web :).

After the keynotes sessions were started in each floor, of each track. I was interested on teach the web track, so I was moving around on the 6th Floor. I perticipate on a open discussion call “Building collaboration across the open space”, it was helped by Open Knowledge Foundation.

After that the lunch time started. I was moving around the 6th floor, and talking with the localization scrum table, to help other with webmaker localization things. After lunch I hacked webmaker tshirts for our community members. I make a badge also. When I was making a badge some one come to me and take my interview about open badges. One of the biggest maker party was held at the ground floor of the venue. There was too many things, specially for kids. Like learning python by playung games, remixing a web page. There was also a 3D printer. The maker party was three hours long.

Third day of Festival

I was late at third day. The keynotes where started. The keynotes were not interesting as previous day. After the keynotes I collect my festival participant badge. Then I join with maker party fellows, who was discussing how to make maker party better next year. It was a long discussion and we sort out a lots of point for the next year maker party. While we were discussing it was lunch time. I took my lunch and again start discussing.

After finish this discussing I plan to move around all the floor, to see what is happening there. I fond something interested on the open science floor. It was commons Machinery. They are trying to build some like photo sharing service with creative commons idea.

After that I join a with karen for how to start a maker party cookbook. It was fun, and I have learn some thing new about organizing a event. After this the fair was. In this two days what we have successfully build was presenting there. I was amazed, that there was too many things which was build. Some one made popcorn maker fork, with some new features, it was cool. And a lots of things. I got a PI also.

More pictures

This how mozilla festival 2013 was. I enjoy it very much, learn a lots of thing about organizing events, open hardwares and a lot.

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