Mozilla @ Chapai Nawabgonj

I love to share my knowledge of open source and open web, specially out side of the capital Dhaka. It was my third moztour and most memorable moztour, because I was able to organize my first maker party with high school kids.

I have tried to contact with the school authority for more then 2 months, due to holly Eid festival and political issues, we was unable to fixed a date to arrange a maker party. At last with the help of mahir and istiaque  two local mozillian of Chapai Nawabgonj I finally manage a date to arrange a maker party at Harimohan Govt. High School, Chapai Nawabgonj. After that we manage another program mozilla awareness program at Imperial Polytechnic Institute, Chapai Nawabgonj.

That was the background of the the moztour. We (me and Shubho) started on 27 August night from Dhaka to Chapai Nawabgonj. From my last moztour experience I was not worried for the transport. We reached Chapai Nawabgonj next day morning safely.  It was just just morning and everything was closed what time. I was happy because 2 of our venue was nearer to our hotel.

Mozilla Awareness Campaign (First Day)

We was on time for this event, but we start little late due to organize the presentation stuffs. It was houseful and over crowded.

I started first with movie project Code Rush, to understand them how mozilla come to the world. I noticed that participants where very much focused on the video :). After finishing that I start talking. In my speech I talked about mozilla history again and little bit of what mozilla do. Then I talk about Mozilla products to how Mozilla works and why. When I was talking about the products of Mozilla, we found that many of them only thought that Mozilla only markets Firefox Browser (it is quite natural).

From my speech they came to know about Persona, Thunderbird and Firefox OS. I made them  aware of their “rights” to the web and made some privacy concerns clear. During my speech participants was asking how mozilla cover the expenses. I make them clear that mozilla is a non profit organization, they manage there cost from this sources.

Then I showed the real power of HTML5, the mighty Firefox OS installed in Keon. People got interested in that phone so much because even though it’d a small amount of memory it rocked! Noor talk with them and answered many questions.

Then Shubho went on stage and detailed localizaton. He described why we should work in the localization sector and how to work in there.

After Shubho  speech Istiaque explained how add-ons can be used to make life easier.

Then I start again, I just love to talked with people :D. I talk with them how to contribute to mozilla in other ways, how to join with us, how we can help them, how it will help them, after that we finish the program with taking a group photo.

Maker Party (Day two)

As I told you earlier, I was so excited for the maker party from the beginning.  We were late to start the program due to some technical issue. But I was amaged to see that, not only the students but also the teacher was keen to learn the new ways to build the web. It was one man show 😛 for me. I just talk with them,  about mozilla, mozilla products and project. Then introduced them the webmaker project with the help of webmaker tools popcorn maker by demonstrating a video.

Then showed them how the three tools work. Starting form thimble. They were very excited to about thimble and about its features. Specially the error notification and hints. Then I talk about popcorn maker, and tech them how to build a interactive video on the web using the this tools.

Students where very happy to know that our community provides free templates to learn HTML and CSS. Some of them where asking questions about tools and how to do such stuffs. It was a 90 minute long speech for me. At the end we took a group photo.

Success scenarios of this moztour

  1. About 20 school kids learn about webmaker projects.
  2. About 60 people learn about different mozilla products.
  3. About 80 people learn about firefox OS.
  4. We manage to find 2 active mozillian for our community.
  5. About 60 people learn about SuMo, where they can get help about Firefox and other mozilla products.
  6. 2 Sign up for Firefox Student Ambassadors.

The problem that I found is internet connectivity. But I hope we will get more people to join with us.

Here you will get more photo’s of the moztour.

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