moztour @ Gopalgonj — 2013

After one year of long waiting it was finally happen. Yes one long year, due to political issue, exams and vacations I can not plan the event.  We started on 20 August with targeting to arrange a maker party and Firefox OS Application Training Program. We started one day earlier (Me, Sharif and Anam) due to bus schedule. Rest two (Prodhan Shishir and Asif) come next day. We have Alamin Mir there as local mozillians.

Maker Party (First Day)

It was raining there from the morning. I was worried about other two mozillians also about the event. More over there was political issue on the venue (venue was a govt. college), wich make me double worried.  Other two mozillians reach safely, but rain was not stopping.  Rain stops around 12 PM. We were already one hour late. We reach the venue with in 12:30 and start our program within 1:00 Pm.

First I start with brief discussion of mozilla, mozilla bangladesh and webmaker project.


After me Asif talk about thimble. I noticed that we have few participants there, but they were enjoying thimble. They were asking question and  Asif and me giving them answer.


After Asif,  Anam talk about popcorn maker. Perticipants where amazed to see they can make interactive video within web. Some one of them was mentioning that, they need propitiatory software to do such stuff. Now they don’t need that.


After Anam I again start talking about community contribution, how to join with us, about Firefox Student ambassador program. After that we took some group photo.  We finish our program within 1 hour and 30 minutes.


We fail to make some thing new for webmaker, but at-least some people learn about it.
Some picture of first day.

Firefox OS Application Training Program (Second day)

We come the venue on right time. Talk with the college head for some time. He was so happy, because we come there from capital to teach there student about new technology. We start our program little bit late from schedule time. I was amazed when I see the room was fulfill and many of them was standing at last.


I start the program, with mozilla, Firefox and Firefox OS. In my talk I describe why should we care about Firefox OS. How the current smart phone OS is making us there puppet. Some of the don’ believe that we have build a mobila OS using HTML, CSS and JS.  After me Anam describe how Firefox OS works.  He was quite impressive. Audience ask him question, and was giving them answer.  After his talk, Prodhan Shishir start his session main session of this event, how to build a Firefox OS application. We found few people who was interested on this.  We provide our laptop to them and they start building demo application.


Around 2 PM we take our lunch together at venue. On the lunch break, I discuss about FOSS with the audience. After lunch we started again. Two of the participants were successful to make a demo application and it was running on the simulator. But the participants number was decreasing as the time was passing.  Prodhan Shishir show them how to submit application on marketplace. Few people was there, but they were excited.


After that we take some group pictures and invite them to come our room and discuss more.


Some more picture of the event.

New Contributor at Hotel Room

We finish our application training program and invite the interested to come to our hotel room to learn and talk more with us, if they are interested.  I was thinking most of them will not come, but I was wrong. Al most every of them come to our hotel room. We altogether talk with them, having fun and make them subscribe on mailing list, register some new Firefox Student Ambassador.  Some of them try keon there. It was fun.

9581052905_4134cb866e_cSome more pictures.

Success scenarios

  1. About 20 people join the maker party.
  2. More them 100 peoples had knew about Firefox OS.
  3. 7 had learned how to build application for Firefox OS.
  4. 5 new Firefox Student Ambassadors
  5. New 3 mailing list subscribers.
  6. 1 demo application for firefox OS.

I am grateful to all of them who help us to make this tour successful.

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