First Maker Party @ Bangladesh

Webmaker goal is encouraging millions of people around the world to move beyond using the web to making it. To achieve this goal mozilla started a global program called maker party. On 20 June we (Mozilla Bangladesh) arrange our first maker party of this summer as a part of moztour chittagong at East Delta University. Thanks to CSE dept of EDU to let us jointly arrange this awesome event.

At first one of the organizer f this event give the opening speech. Then I start the party :). First Mahay Alam Khan (Mozilla Reps) talk about mozilla and webmaker project. It was a very interesting seesion. He discuss about webmaker tools, resources and community. Audience loves the session very much and they where very much interactive.

Then Anam (a mozillian) demonstrate Thimble. What is thimble, how it works. What the main feature of thimble, how to use it. Audience was excited to learn that they now don’t need an IDE to code simple HTML and CSS code. More over they can learn about the different html tag description when they write the code.

After that Sharif (a mozillian) talk about the x ray goggles. People loves this session. He show how to remix a web page using this awesome tools, and how to submit the remix page on the web.

After him me, demonstrate popcorn maker. Audience was excited when I told them they don’t need a video editor from now to edit video and make a video from scratch. Then I show them how to publish there work on the web.

Audience was amazed when I let them that they can remix any webmaker projects or templates. The outcome of this event is, audience show interest to use webmaker tools to learn and create there own things. For the first time at Bangladesh, we found that on a public event number of female participants where more then male.

We got some times after finish our sessions. Then MAK bro show the audience two open hardware maky maky and raspbarry pie and the womoz program. In the mean time Gauthamraj join with us via g+ and say hello to the perticipants. Rahid (a Reps) give the audience a basic !dea of Firefox Student Ambassador program.

IMG_3027Some Event pictures are here.

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