For political issue of our country the event postponed several times. But at last on 23rd March 2013 the event was held. It was house full audience on the event. We started about 2:15 PM local time.

At first Mashkawat Ahsan bro introduce Mozilla, Mozilla Bangladesh to the audience. Then he talked about Mozilla Manifesto, different Mozilla Products and WoMoz.

After him Aniruddha Adhikary talked about Firefox OS, Web app, benefits of them. He also demonstrate how to build a simple web application named “Hello World”.

Then we take a little break and have some snacks and cold drinks. The break was about 20 minute. Then Aniruddha starts again and talk about different developer tools of Firefox, different framework for web app, MDN etc.

After his session me (Ashickur Rahman) talk about Mozilla Webmaker Program. I discuss the three tools (Thimble, X-Ray Goggles, popcorn) of this program and demonstrate how to use them.

We distribute Firefox T-shirts to the audience by asking them some question, regarding what we said during our sessions.

Through our the event some of our (Mozilla Bangladesh) volunteers Sharif, Shuvo and Ahsanul Haq was with us. We are thankful to IIT, University of Dhaka to facilitated to arrange this event on their campus.

More Pictures of the event

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