Those who use Internet for any purpose, everybody love to have their own web site or a web page. But for the lacking of technical knowledge we can not make our dream successful.  Mozilla foundation has started a Program called Mozilla Webmaker to help them। One of a tool of this program is called Mozilla Thimble.

Mozilla Thimble makes it ridiculously simple to make stuff on the web. Thimble lets you make your own real, fully functional web pages in minutes. Then host and share them with a single click. Sharpen your web skills along the way.

Thimble makes it easy to work with HTML and CSS, the building blocks of the web, even if you’ve never done it before. Just type on the left, then see what the finished page will look like on the right. Thimble also helps check your work as you go, providing a simple “spell check” for code to help you spot and squash errors instantly.

Lets Start

Goto Mozilla Thimble website. There you will see two button

If you want to start a new project of your own then click on the “Start from scratch” button. A new page will open.  There you will see two parts. Left part is code editor (where you can put your code) and the right is the web preview part (here you can instantly see how your code will be on the web).

If you want to you remix a existing  project then click on the “Pick a project” button. On a new page you will see a lot of project. Choose a project then click on “Make Project” button.

After clicking the button a new pager will come. There on the code editor part there will the be code of the current project and on the preview part, you can see how the current project looks like. You have to modify your code on the code editor part.

Changing the Code

When you change the code on the code editor part, you can see the web preview change on the preview part.

Detecting the Code Error

When you make a error on your code it will warn you about it.

Publishing your page

You should want to publish your page on the web. Mozilla gives you this facility. To publish your code on the Mozilla sever click on “Publish” button at the right corner.

After click click you will see a pop up window

If you Click on “Yes” your code will be publish on the web via Mozilla server. Then you will get a link.
This is your web page link. Share the link with others, so that others can know about Thimble. It is good practice to share and let other to see and modify your code. This is a part of Open Web.
If you wish to publish your code on your own server, just copy paste the code on your server.

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