A Small Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party, at AUB, Bangladesh

After about 15 year a new kernel released by Linus. I was waiting for Ubuntu 11.10 and at last it is released. A new kernel with a modified Unity desktop. It is so fast then other Edition.

It happen all in a sudden. Last night I think I will conduct a party for Newly release Ubuntu in my University and it was easy for me. Because I already plan for a Workshop on configuring Oracle and PHP on Ubuntu. So inform the authority about my plan and they accepted it. After the workshop the party was held. All thing was happen in a sudden so nothing was properly ready, About 20 person attend the party and it was fun to share my knowledge about OSS movement, GNU/Linux and Ubuntu. I think I have done some thing to send the message to some one who dose not know what is OSS or Linux or Ubuntu.

The venue was Asian University of Bangladesh, Uttara, Dhaka,Bangladesh CSE Computer Laboratory,
I was late in the morning for the release party. But it is not so late, because only few participants was there in University laboratory. The party begins with some refreshment with the participants. Then I discuss about Open Source Movement, Linux, Ubuntu and other. Most of the participants are not well known about those words. So I have to briefly describe them what is OSS,Linux,Ubuntu and why are they here. The history of GNU and Linux. History of Ubuntu.

Then I show them new Ubuntu 11.10, I have explain them what is DE and why Ubuntu 11.10 is different then Ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10 (Most of my junior who use Ubuntu is well known Gnome2 desktop). Unity is new for them.

Some picture of the event.

I am trying to arrange a big one in few days. Pray for me.

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