Mozilla Release party-2011, Dhaka, 27th September

How I was There
As a OSS and it’s movement lover, Mozilla Firefox one of my favorite OSS and web browser. Along with Firefox I also use Thunderbird. I have never join any Mozilla release party before. By the help of Mashkawat Ahsan I have come to know about Mozilla ReMo project. From him I also got the invitation of Mozilla Release party-2011, Dhaka, 27th September.

At the Event

I was already late for the party, but my luck is good because the location was not so far from my house. I reached the place about 3:15 PM. The program was schedule to start at 3:30 PM, so I was not so late. After some moment the program started. There was about 50 participants. First the anchor from the volunteer start the program, after that start to talk about OSS, but the presentation was on Microsoft windows and Microsoft Office, which hurt me so much. After that Mashkawat Ahsan start to show us some video clips of Mozilla, those where interesting. Then he discuss about how a Firefox version launch after a lot a testing from the step of Nightly,Aurora and release. He also discuss about other thing which I miss. Then the volunteer serve us refreshment. Mean while I was busy to configure some one fresh install Ubuntu. Then a presentation was held about web security and another one was held on how to do Open Source development in a group which was also in windows. After that we enjoy a chocolate cake, which was delicious.

My Experience

I have learned some thing about Mozilla, OSS development, how to contribute to Mozilla and the OSS community, how to arrange program. I was gifted a T-Shirt for winning a quiz and also some other kit.

Lacking that I fell

OSS movement should be spread into human by the use of open source software. But in that program they have use a propitiatory platform, I think that was bad choice after all. Another thing that was miss is “Open Discussion Session“. One more thing that was lack before the program was sharing this event with our local community. If they invite our local community a little more there may be more participant.

Beside all those lacking the program was fine and good enough to share the knowledge and movement of Mozilla and OSS. I am looking forward for more program like this.

MD Ashickur Rahman Noor

Volunteer, FOSS Bangladesh

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