Me, mozilla Bangladesh, mozilla and 4 years of journey

FeaturedMe, mozilla Bangladesh, mozilla and 4 years of journey

I am supporter of FOSS since 2009. From that time I tried to contribute in FOSS. But that was hard for me, because I thought coding is the only way to contribute. But as soon I join the local linux user groups I came to that there are many other ways to contribute, like localization, advocacy, user support. From that time I am doing advocacy, localization and user support. I was trying to find more ways to contribute. Then I found mozilla, a dedicated group  for open web.

I can not remember the exact date when I was introduce to mozilla Reps program by  Mashkawat Ahsan bhai in 2011. But I remember he found me in a local facebook group called BDOSN. But I can remember it was time of SFD 2011. I knew the people who contribute before me in mozilla but I never get chance to learn from them.

Thanks to MAK bhai for the tshirt
in e-Asia 2011, Thanks to MAK bhai for the tshirt

First Mozilla Event

2011, Ahsan bhai send me a friend request, I accept and start talk with him. I don’t know why he send me request, from my eagerness I ask him why he send me friend request. He told me he is a volunteer of mozilla community, am I interested to volunteer with mozilla or not. As a FOSS lover I became interested to contribute with mozilla. I ask him how I can contribute, he told me few ways to contribute, amongst them I like organizing events, because I have past experience of organizing community events thanks to FOSS Bangladesh. I talk with my junior Rahid Hasan (another FOSS lover like me) to organize a Mozilla event in our campus, for that purpose we meet with Ahsan bhai one day. That was my first meet him. We discuss few  things about organizing events in our campus. After some days a program was held in BUET I participated in that event. It was not first mozilla event in Bangladesh but it was first mozilla event for me. This is how I started contribution on Mozilla.

Joining Mozilla Reps

From Ahsan bhai, I came to know about Mozilla Reps. I applied for it after some days of the event, and I was waiting for the process, but nothing happen, then I apply again. Same thing happen again, I was waiting and waiting.  I was familiar with mailing list, so I register on Reps mailing list. I got a mail that there will be a Reps meeting on IRC. I join there watch the meeting. I ask about my Reps application after finishing the meeting. I forget his name but he help me about my Reps application. Then Vineel was assign as my mentor for Reps program. By that time I came to know that MAK bhai is regular contributor of Mozilla and other FOSS projects  (though I know him before). I started talk with him regarding mozilla and other open source projects. I was worried about my reps application, I talk with him about that. He send a recommendation for my reps application to Vineel. That was by first recommendation (we call it vouch) :). Vineel take my interview over gtalk. After that he told me I will be inform about my application via mail. Vineel mail that I have become a Mozilla reps :). For MAK bhai’s vouch and and may be for my past experience of working with other FOSS project like: Ubuntu helps my application to get approved.

First Remo card, back in 2012
First Remo card, back in 2012

Organizing First Mozilla Event

After been a Reps, I talked with several universities to organize mozilla events. I have few contact with several universities as I  organized different FOSS event. At BRAC University I organize my first mozilla event. But it happen after a lots of discussion with BUCC authority and with Mozilla Bangladesh community.

After that I was not that much active about one year for several reason. But never not stop contributing to Mozilla. I did localization of several Mozilla product and project. Promoting Mozilla in our community etc etc.

Me talking about mozilla in BRAC University, in 2012
Me talking about mozilla in BRAC University, in 2012


First Mozilla Event out of border

I was invited to Mozilla SA meetup 2013 for my contribution to Mozilla Bangladesh. Thanks to MAK bhai again for vouching me for the event. It was my first community event out of Bangladesh border.

Met with Gautham (a duplicate of me ;) )
Met with Gautham (a duplicate of me 😉 )


First MozTour of mozilla Bangladesh

I always believe that, those who live in Dhaka and study here, they get better opportunity to learn about these things. But those who don’t live in Dhaka they are missing the light. So I always try to organize event outside of Dhaka. And I got a opportunity to organize a MozTour (a tour outside of your city for organizing mozilla events) in Chittagong. It was my first MozTour in Bangladesh.

Things were not easy for me that time. My own community members turn back on me. My budget request was rejected.  I was asked to change the event date and resubmit the budget. But I know how hard that was for me to arrange venue outside of Dhaka that time. So we decided to organize the events from our own pocket. MAK bhai give a lot of financial support. Yes, you have read that “We organize our first MozTour from our pocket”.

After that tour Mozilla community start growing at Chittagong. But there where people who like FOSS and believe in FOSS, but they don’t get enough time and opportunities to grow as a community. So we thing that tour was successful for us though we face a lots of difficulty to organize it. Again thanks to MAK bhai to give me awesome support for this event. Thanks to Rahid for being with us at that time.

Group Pic of First ever Moztour event of mozilla Bangladesh.
MAK bhai is talking about webmaker, first Maker Party in Bangladesh, back in 2013
Me talking about tools of webmaker.

Click on the picture to get more pictures.

Other events and MozTours

In March 2013, I organized Mozilla@IIT-DU, it was an awareness event. In the same month I organized  MozCelebs 15 @ Dhaka, it was for celebrating 15 years of mozilla community. From this event we recruit an awesome female contributor Tanha. Since we plan the event in quick time, I didn’t get any budget from mozilla, I bare all the expenses. After the Moztour Chittagong, I never looked back. I organize two more MozTour (MozTour Chapai Nawabgonj and MozTour Gopalgonj) in 2013. With the help of Rifaz we successfully organized first maker party in Dhaka in 2013.

Aniruddha is talking about Firefox OS in IIT-DU , back in 2013.
Celebrating 15 years of mozilla

Few successful events that I have organized are listed below

  1. Celebrate International Data Privacy Day

You can look all event photos of mine here.

Webmaker, Webmaker Mentor and Maker Parties

Webmaker is Mozilla project which aims to convert web users to web makers. To achieve this goal webmaker has tools, templates and huge community. At 2012 Mozilla announce Summer Code party but we miss the chance to organize that event in our country, I think lacking of webmaker knowledge was the main reason of it. At Mozilla SA meetup 2013 I meet with SA leads, amongst them I found Gautham (a duplicate copy of me). From him I learn Webmaker. After that I plan to organize webmaker events in my country. In June 2013 Maker Party officially started. We organize our first maker party at East Delta University, Chittagong. It was also our first webmaker only event in Bangladesh. Then we added maker party for each MozTour. In 2013 I have organized 4 maker parties in four different cities. In 2014 I have organize 1 maker party also. I was announced Webmaker Task Force lead of mozilla Bangladesh at Mozilla Bangladesh Task Force Meetup 2014. Here are the lists of maker parties

First event Maker Party in Bangladesh, back in 2013
First event Maker Party in Bangladesh, back in 2013
Maker party in Gopalganj
After Maker Party in @ Chapai Nawabganj
Presentation of Maker Party by Popcorn Maker in Maple Leaf international School, in 2013

In 2014, my community leader refine me that, I am doing wrong thing with Webmaker. So he took the responsibility of Webmaker in Bangladesh from me 🙂 . After that day, I stop organizing maker parties in Bangladesh. But still I love this project. I always tried to help my community when any one wants to do some thing with webmaker.

MozTour Rajshahi

Untill now it is my last MozTour (I hope for more MozTour). This event helped the North Bengal people to grow community in their local area.

Safwan (SuMo King) is talking about SuMo in, MozTour Rajshahi Day 1
App Train Day, a part of MozTour Rajshahi. Rahid is talking about developing Firefox OS App.

SuMo , me and Mozilla Bangladesh SuMo Community

Support Mozilla is great way to contribute to Mozilla community, when you have a huge user base. Mainly I do SuMo KB localization. Which is helpful for our local user to do troubleshooting  for Firefox, Firefox OS and other Mozilla product.

It was team of 3-4 four man when we started, one of them had no internet connection in his PC. I can still remember, I used to download all the text of a KB, save them in a text file, compress it, then send it to him. When he finished localizing he did the same thing. That person is non other then Safwan our SuMo king. Other one was Rabbi , we used to work till 2-3 AM, to achieve top 20 Goal. Now we have a small team of contributor, we have completed every challenge.

SuMo Top 100 KB localization challange
A part of our current SuMo contributor from Bangladesh

From 2014 to until now my focus is on SuMo, to build a community for SuMo. Together we achieved:

  1. SUMO top 100 KB localization challenge and mozilla Bangladesh
  2. 100% KB localization of Firefox, Firefox OS, Thunderbird, Webmaker
  3. Mozilla Bangladesh SuMo Community Meetup

QA, me and QA Bangladesh

2014 was a crazy year for me. I forget how I was introduced QA. I started contributing in QA from 2013. From that time I always tried to involve local contributor in QA. It was my dream to have a QA team in mozilla Bangladesh. But task was too much for me to build and mentor new people. For my busy schedule I never came up with proper plan. But I always share with people the knowledge I have gather about mozilla QA. In 2015 Ikram starts to build a QA community in Bangladesh. I always tried to help him.  Some local offline events that I have mentored contributors

  1. QA Contributor Mentoring Day
  2. Mozilla QA: Train the Contributors, Bangladesh
Selfi in QA Contributor Mentoring Day!


Firefox OS launch and me

First of all, I have done nothing compared to other few contributor of Mozilla Bangladesh for the launch. I was lucky because, I got chance to train the partner, attend the launch conference. I was lucky because I got the chance to work with Social Media Promotion Team for Firefox OS launch. I have organized clearing all l10n blocker sprint. Thanks to all of the participant, who helped us for a successful sprint.

Empowering mozilla and Mozilla Bangladesh with new contributors

As a Mozilla Reps it is my responsibility to search new contributors. Contributor I have recruited and/or mentored is countless. When I was in mozilla Bangladesh Community Meetup 2015, I figured out I have mentor 50% of the participant to contribute in mozilla Bangladesh; 30% of them are recruited by me in the community.  My successful recruitment is full SuMo community of mozilla Bangladesh.

Latest Firefox Launch 2014
Latest Firefox Launch 2014
Mozilla Bangladesh Community Meetup 2015


Thanks to Mozilla Bangladesh Community

Four years is not a long way but it is still long enough. I have lead few other FOSS community in my country. But it is sad to say most of them is now inactive. I am very much thankful to Mozilla Bangladesh community members because we are very much active and now we are one of the biggest FOSS community in our country. If you didn’t support me, didn’t helped me to organize those events, didn’t support my activities, didn’t correct me when I was doing wrong, I believe I could not come this further. Specially MAK bhai and Rahid. Last of all Sharif for being with me all the time. Thank you for all of your help.

Mozilla Firefox Awareness @ Naogaong

I always love to meet with new people; specially in my country and outside of major cities to share my knowledge. This time I got a opportunity to meet with people of Naogaong, a big city of North Bengal. Through mozilla’s Windows 10 Community Activation Campaign I got this opportunity to share my knowledge about open web, open source, Firefox, mozilla etc.

The event took place in Basundhara Computer Training Center. From Dhaka 2 mozillians traveled with me for this event. First we started with a little description of mozilla and mozilla Bangladesh. Then Ashfaq talked about Open Web; and why should we care about it. He played few videos also of mozilla.

After Ashfaq I started to talked about few features of Firefox. After that I demonstrate how user can make Firefox default browser in Windows 10.

After that, it was open floor to ask questions. There were few common questions from maximum participant, why my Firefox crashes; why my Firefox is slow; why my Firefox hang. We give them proper solution of there problem.

giving answer of participants questions.

This is how the program ended. We found participant have little knowledge about open web and internet. I think it is the biggest achievement of our, that we have teach them why should we care about and think about the web. And open web matters most.

Thanks to “Basundhara Computer Training Center” to give us opportunity to host this event.

More pictures:

Mozilla Firefox Awareness @ DUET

Mozilla Firefox Awareness @ DUET

Promoting Firefox is one of my hobby. I am doing it since 2011 and still is going on. I always looking forward to promote Firefox and when I get change I do that. Mozilla gives me a opportunity to promote Firefox through Windows 10 community activation Campaign. This time I get this opportunity in DUET, little far away from capital Dhaka.

Journey from Dhaka to DUET was good, we reached in time. We took some rest and start our program.

First CSE department head of the university, IT society lead give there honorable speech. Then I introduce my self and give a small description what we will be do in the program.

After that, Seeam starts how mozilla was started, history of Firefox, what is open web, why we should care about it.

Seeam is talking about mozilla
Talking about history of Firefox
Answering questions

He made a smooth start. After him Rashik talked about FSA. He present a slide regarding FSA, demonstrate how to become a FSA.

Talking about FSA


Soon after he finished, I took the floor. Showed them how they can make Firefox default as an web browser in Windows 10. Talk why we should use Firefox to protect our online data privacy.


After that it was open floor. Participant asked for support related questions. We tried to give them support.


Special thanks to Sharif one of my best buddy and Ratul for behind the scene support in the event. Thanks to M A Muktadir Hussain for helping us to organize this event, doing all the academic and official task for this event. Thanks all for all those participants. Hope to meet them all again. 

I will keep this movement going, to keep the web Free and Open.

Some more pictures :

Mozilla Awareness @ Feni Computer Institute

Mozilla Awareness @ Feni Computer Institute

It was house full. Organizers couldn’t give sit to every one who were interested in the program, even they added extra sit.

First I started with a presentation of What is mozilla, what is open web, why Firefox is build. It takes about 1 hour of the event. There was a lot of question after my presentation.

Talking about mozilla, open web and Firefox
Participant is asking question
Participant is asking question

After that, I show how to Flip back to Firefox as a default browser in Windows 10.

Demonstrating how to flip back to Firefox as a default browser in Windows 10
Demonstrating how to flip back to Firefox as a default browser in Windows 10

Ikram talked about Firefox Student ambassador program and Firefox Club and how they can starts contributing.

Ikram is rocking the floor 😀

After that, there was little Q/A and support session. Me and Ikram both answer those question.

Answering question of participants

This is how that event finished. Many of the participant tell us that, they will Flip to Firefox as default browser and teach there friends who couldn’t attend the program.

Windows 10 Community Activation – HSTU

Windows 10 Community Activation – HSTU

It was a hot and sunny day. We reached the venue in time, but audience was late for classes.

First I started with the history of Firefox. As I thought, participant didn’t know why Firefox was developed. I shared the story about Firefox creation.  Then I share my story of contribution with mozilla.  After that I demonstrate how to make Firefox default internet browser in Windows 10. It took some time, because in previous edition of windows it was just a click. I asked in participant to share their story, but no was interested 😦 .

Showing how to make Firefox as default internet browser in windows 10











Talking about Firefox 🙂

It was fun to talk with new people.  Getting a regular complain why Firefox crash, giving support about it.


More pictures.

Webmaker App workshop – HSTU

It was a quick planning. I was planned for Windows 10 community activation event in Dinajpur. I went there one day before for a Webmaker app workshop. We tried to follow this guide line. Since it was my first time for Webmaker app workshop, we couldn’t follow it completely .

It was fun to teach how to make an app using an app through mobile. First participant thought they need to write code for it. But when I demonstrate the app, they just amazed.


Talking about Webmaker and Webmaker App


Teaching how to make an app


Busy with app making


Difficulty I faced

Since it was my first time for Webmaker app workshop, I had faced few difficulty. Like

  • Internet connection: Though venue was a university, but not every participant have there own internet. Even there was no public wifi. We provide a mobile broadband using a router, but speed was not sufficient to cover 20-30 people at time.
  • Lack of mentors: We were two mentors there. It was hard for both us to mentor 20-30 people at a time.
  • Lack of resources : When quick planed for the event, there was not enough resources. Like- a tutorial of how to use Webmaker App, may be I am wrong, but I couldn’t find any public resources.
  • Lack of imagination : When I asked participate to prototype an app idea, I realized it is very hard for them.

Some thought to get rid of those difficulty

  • If you are doing an workshop outside of capital and the venue has no public wifi, be sure you have 2-3 wifi router. Always try to ensure public wifi.
  • If you have a participation of  20++ people, you should have more then 3 mentors.
  • First talk with the participant about the daily activity, if participant is student then talk about there daily classes. Then you can help them to develop there app idea.

Event Successes

About 10 participants installed Webmaker App in their mobile. 10 demo app was created, some links are here.


Thanks to Sharif  for traveling with me and for mentor. Mofaqkhayrul I. Mim for helping us to organize these events. Thansk to MoFo Webmaker team; they have had sent budget for BIW; I received adequate amount to conduct this workshop during “Bangladesh Internet Week”.

More pictures


Mozilla Bangladesh Community Meetup 2015

Mozilla Bangladesh Community Meetup 2015

Yes, the meetup finally happened. According to this mail in the public mailing list, I am one of the luckiest person 😀 to join this meetup. Though I know that I am the luckiest person because, I got my invitation mail (from the organizing body) on 31 May 2015 😉 . I’d like to thanks all the organizers to organize this awesome  meetup.

Journey to the venue

My journey for the meetup started early morning, with receiving Mahir,  Istiyak and Forhad. Around 1:30 PM we started journey with fellow mozillians  in the bus 🙂 .

Mozillians in the Bus

Then I went to Dhaka airport to receive Riyad, who came from Chittagong .  After that me and Riyad received Amit who lives in Dhaka from Gabtoli and started our journey towards the venue. The venue was far from the main road, so it took quite long to reach. We reached there just before dinner 🙂 . I recieved all four of  mozillian from my own interest, no one force me to attend them.

Sessions and Learning

On the First day we started around 9:30 AM. First we introduced ourselves. Then we was asked to talk with a new person whom I didn’t know or met before the meetup, and for me there were only one person whom I never met before. The person is Towaha.  Then Rosana and Brian start talking about mozilla’s mission and manifesto. We were given printed copy of  manifesto. Then we made a small groups of Four people to discuss about the manifesto. Then Rosana asked us to talked about out on the favorite manifesto.  Then we asked to prepare a role play with out favorite manifesto.  From our group Maliha and Zak did the role play. Our role play was about “Individuals must have the ability to shape the Internet and their own experiences on it” . The plot of the role was, how internet dot org is violating this.

Role play

After this role play, we do some paper works. We put some idea what is working in our community that makes us big and super active. What is not working for us. We wrote a lot of ideas.

Writing idea

Looking to the idea

List of ideas

Then we have little tea break.  After that we had a ice breaking session. Gautham Raj started the ice breaking session called ” Ali Baba and Forty Thief ” .

Some move 🙂

Then we split into few groups and Rosana discussed about Reverse Engineering of event planing.

Reverse Engineering of event planing

Then we were given some piece of paper, to sort out which are Input, Activities, Outputs, Outcomes and Impact. I found it is very hard to find these, and we have different opinion about it.

After that Laura discuss about the Goal of Webamker Launch in Bangladesh. Some sort of activities to can do to achieve the goal. She describes the activities, and ask us to put our plan to reach that goal.

Webmaker Goal

Then we write our small plan to achieve the Goal in the timeline. There were plenty of Plans.

Plans to achieve the Goal

After that we had a small tea break. After the break, we discussed who will lead each specific task to achieve the Goal. Then we sit in groups with our task lead to do speed planning. I am in localization group and my task lead is Belayet bhai.  Then we all describe how we will finish our task. With it the first day of session ends.

The second day sessions started with recap of first day. Since all the participants were the leader of mozilla Bangladesh, we have our own super power which makes our community super active and healthy. We were asked to write our own super power by answering few questions.

After that we started deep planing the task that we had taken to achieve the webmaker goal. Our task is small but it is not in one place. We are the only team who have to do two thing in one task. And those things are not final yet.

After that, we shred what he planed for. It was very interesting. Then it was time for next mission for this year. A product I like, and used most when it comes to mobile. It is Firefox for Android. Mozilla has done some research about this in Mozilla India community.  They have some personas. We discuss about them, which is true for us, which isn’t.  Then we hack our own personas. We agree and disagree on them.

Then we had our Group Photo.

After that, we take the took the pledge, that we will work together to achieve the goal.  This his how the meetup officially ends 🙂 .

Two big goals for rest of the year for us

Those who miss the meetup, this is for them. In the meetup we have discussed about two goals for us for the rest of the year. They are

  • 10,000 download of webmaker app within 60 days after launch in Bangladesh.
  • Increase the number of user of Firefox for Android in Bangladesh.

Meet with new and known faces

Meetup always gives us the opportunity to meet with new people. In this meetup I met with Towaha. Interestingly he is a Reps, but I never met with him or talked with him never seen him in any community events and in community discussions. It was my pleasure to meet with him. For the rest of the other all are known faces to me.

Bangladesh Community Super Powers

I would never know that, my fellow community member have this much super powers. You can see them in this pad. Specially one of them engage 400 mozillian within few months. As a community builder, I am amazed to learn this. I wish I can build community like this.

I just created it few months ago and it has about 400 people in it ; Most of them are super cool with working with Mozilla, besides I’m making a womoz community there too; which has about 80 girls now;

 I would like to know in that much short time, how he is enable to engage 400 mozillian in Sylhet.

Feeling left behind

I actually don’t work with the largest community in Bangladesh. I think i should not mention why I don’t. But I have been making a community in my city 😉

This is a quote from my fellow mozillian. He is doing a great job I believe, but when I sow this line, it hurts me. This is not the community culture that we believe and follow.

My realization

After the meetup I realize few things, like

  • What ever our personal relation is, together we can achieve of lot of things.
  • Still I am confused, why we missed some awesome contributor in the meetup. Without few of them, for me meetup was not complete.

What are my disagee and personal relation with fellow mozillians are, I will work with them to reach the common goal, besides I have to work to achieve other goal also.

Mozilla Bangladesh – SuMo Community Meetup 1.0

Mozilla Bangladesh – SuMo Community Meetup 1.0

This picture express a lot of thing.  A full set of SuMo warriors in one picture. If you are thinking about any kind of meetup, then you are right. It is Mozilla Bangladesh – SuMo Community Meetup 1.0 . This meetup was took place in Midas Convention Center on 29-30 May 2015 with the participation of 35 current and future awesome SuMo warriors.


This  meetup is a recognition for those who had contributed for last one and half year, to achieve many milestone of SuMo from  SUMO top 100 KB localization challenge and mozilla Bangladesh  to A Gift to Firefox from Mozilla Bangladesh . It was a long deserved meetup and celebration for us. Though the dates were changed few times, but at last we did it.

 Meetup Planning

It was Safwan, our “SuMo King” who give us the idea about the meetup. His idea was simple, we will gather in one place, talk with each other, have some fun. Since we worked on online every time. But as times passed, our necessity became higher and higher. So we planed to include few training session. Then the meetup became a huge plan.  First our target was to complete is meetup in February, but due to political unrest, the dates changed few times and last fixed in May 2015. You can have the meetup details here.

 Meetup Sessions

As we planned before, there were several sessions for the meetup. Except first two session all other sessions were directly associated with “How to contribute to SuMo” . Starting with Mozilla: Who we are & What we want by Seeam . Then Ashfaq started Mozilla: Who we are & What we want . After that it was Seeam again, he presented Introduction to SuMo : Why Support is important . Then Safwan and Seeam presented Support Forum basics and discussing some common forum questions. It was a hands on session.  Then it was Safwan who talked about Hands on: Answering forum question .  Second day started with Crash ≠  CRUSH ! by Safwan 😀 .   Then it was Pranjol and Raiyad with Hand on Session KB updating (Bengali).

Seeam – What is Mozilla

Ashfaq – Introduction to SuMo: Why Support is Important

Seeam – Support Forum basics and discussing some common forum questions


Safwan Rahman aka SuMo King of Mozilla BD


Safwan – Crash ≠ CRUSH !

Pranjol – KB updating

Raiyad – KB updating

Meet With Contributors

Meetup means meeting with contributors.  Contributors from different part of Bangladesh. This was our first meetup. We tried to invite all contributors of SuMo. There were few faces that we had never seen in any community events like: Nure Alam Miaji , Nafiur Rahman , Khairul Basher Sujon , Fatin Shahazad . It was awesome feeling to meet with them for the first time.

Khairul Basher Sujon

Nafiur Rahman

Fatin Shahazad

Nure Alam Miaji




A meetup with out food is nothing 🙂 . We had plenty of yammy foods in the meetup. I can say the meetup was full of food 😀 .

Lichee 😀



Planning for 2015

With meetup we did some planning and brain storming. You can see the planning and road map for 2015. You can see the planning here.



New Faces

A lot of things happen, which can not be expressed. Last thing to say, next time we will be more big.

Mozilla Booth @ BASIS Digital World 2015

Mozilla Booth @ BASIS Digital World 2015

BASIS Digital World is the biggest ICT exhibition of Bangladesh.  Around 200 Govt and private exhibitor and 3,00,000 visitors take part in this exhibition. Like BASIS Digital World 2014 we had a booth in the name of Mozilla Foundation.

The exhibition was for four days from 9 February to 12 February 2015.  The full exhibition was in 4 part. We were is Soft Expo. But due to Prime Minister protocol and security we merely had the first day. But from the second day it was quite well.

From last year booth, this year we have more booth attendee and visitor. So we decide something different this year. We gave all logistic responsibility two mozillians (Sharif, Tapu Afrad) . There task was to look after booth attendee need, are the booth attendee is on time time or not, boost up there confident, changing booth attendee after a certain time etc.  They did an awesome job. If it was not those two specially Sharif, it would be hard for us.

Though the exhibition is for four days, we count it as five days including one day for booth decoration. Since mozilla is a nonprofit and different organization we don’t do luxurious decoration. Day before the booth we spend that day to decorate the booth by ourselves and help of some carpenter. This time Sharif, Rabbi and Safwan help us to do so.

Day One

Our honorable Prime Minister inaugurate the exhibition. Due to Prime Minister protocol and Security we merely have the first day. We only had 2 hour and 30 minute.  We consider that day as our practice day.  On that day we figure out how to operate rest of three days.

Day Two

Second day started on time.  We set up a hand made SuMo chart in one side of the booth, on the other side of the booth we showed Webmaker and App Maker.  We had few Firefox OS devices with us, if any one interested to explore Firefox OS we showed them the devices.  At the middle of the day, we got some printed material of MDN, SuMo and Bangla Spell Checker.

Visitors are searching there problem in Firefox and asking for solution.


Sunnat on Action


Crowd in our booth


Rabbi talking with a potential dev

Day Three and Day Four

Day three and four started on time. This day we put down the SuMo chart and we start to promote Firefox Hello be starting Firefox Hello in two laptop on the booth. Visitors where amazed to see the new feature of Firefox. They loved it very much. On the other side visitor was crowded to see App Maker and Webmaker. We had few developer attendee on the booth also. If any one came to our booth for Firefox OS app development  our developer attendee talked with them.

Day three, few of the booth attendee


Visitor showing his interest to organize an event in his institute


A sixteen feet booth is not enough for us. Attendees are attending visitor outside of the booth.


Zak is talking with visitor


Fun with Firefox Hello


Awesome Asma is talking with visitors


Shovo on fire


Last Day crowd


Last day group photo


Booting into Gecko @ Developers Conference

Developers Conference is the biggest conference in the Digital World.  Aniruddha gave a talk in the conference about Firefox OS initialed Booting into Gecko. Slide is available here.

Aniruddha in Developer Conference


Aniruddha in Developer Conference
Aniruddha in Developer Conference


New mozillians of Mozilla Bangladesh

Recruiting new contributor is always great, but it is awesome when you can recruit constant contributor and make them new faces for the community. Event like booth in public exhibition is a great way to recruit and justify new contributors. Mozilla Booth @ BASIS Digital World 2015 is such event.

Fazle Rabby , Asma Swapna ,  Mahbub Alam , Khalid SyfullahAsif Raihan ,  Nandita Roy  are few of those contributors are not newly recruited, but there passion and love for open web was tested from this booth .

Dev Hub


Developer Support


Demonstration of Firefox Hello


Logistic and attendee


Awesome things in a pictures


Firefox tattoo ❤


Firefox OS
Out of booth


Special thanks

I don’t want to write this part, but need to write this. I have to give acknowledgement to them, without whom this booth was not possible and successful. Thanks to Gen for the awesome help regarding budget. Thanks to MAK for ensuring 8X16 feet booth in the last moment for us. Thanks to Sharif, Tapu Afrad for your awesome support in the booth, without you it was impossible for me.  And thanks to all of them who were the attendee of the booth.

See you next year, if we all alive.

A lots of pictures of the booth.

SUMO top 100 KB localization challenge and mozilla Bangladesh

SUMO top 100 KB localization challenge and mozilla Bangladesh

Yes we did it, we successfully complete the sumo top 100 KB localization challenge. It took almost 60 days to complete this. Thanks to our dedicated contributor’s awesome help and support. Still I am imagining how did we achieve this goal. Lets start from the begging.


Early days as a contributor I was departed to find some solid contribution way to mozilla. Then I came to know about SUMO, and its contribution ways. I was lucky SUMO have KB localization, and that time I did some localization for mozilla and various FOSS. So I start contributing at KB L10N. I got help from locale lead of bn-bd that time. I was continuously localizing SUMO KB’s until I noticed my localization  are not reviewing by the reviewer, because he was busy with other work and his studies. So I stop localization, but I was active on SUMO contributor forum.

In that time I learn about SUMO buddy program from SUMO contributor forum and applied for it, that was a pilot project that time. Since I can localize SUMO KB, so I start to train other to localize and I find some awesome contributor from there. But still I was not satisfied, because our locale was falling behind, just for we don’t have dedicated reviewer.

At mozilla summit 2013 I met with some awesome sumo contributors and Rosana, SUMO buddy program lead. From there we plan how we can grow our community. At mozilla festival I met with Rosana again. We plan so many things for bn-bd. Rosana told me to aim for top 20 KB localization, and so on. And she also give review power so that I can review articles.

After returning from festival I was trying to get together our KB localizer so we can finish the top 20 KB. And we successfully complete that. Then the big challenge was declared by the community, and our mission started from there.


Things started with this blog post. It was not that easy to start for a huge task. So we call for a open meeting, and we decide what to do, how to do? In the meeting we have decided that, me, Sawfan and Rabbi will be in IRC for a specif time to help new contributor.  Rabbi will write a blog post about how to localize SUMO KB.  And then it was officially announce that we are starting to finish this challenge.

Working Process

We make a contributor working pad.  The pad have few section. First one is description, then the contributor list, then the working area. We divided the working are into 3 section. First one is Doing, here contributors put the article name which they have started along with there name. Second part is Done, if a article localization is finish  then the contributor cut it from the Doing section and paste in the Done Section. From the Done section Reviewer (unfortunately I am the only reviewer of bn_BD) review the localize article and after finishing it, put the article in the Reviewed section. This is how we worked.

Initial Review

We found that it is hard a single person to complete review. So come with a plan, that our experience contributor will do a review for the reviewer, and inform reviewer. We named it initial review.  It was very much helpful for us.

New Contributors

Through out this challenge we found new contributors for SUMO like : Ashfaq, Nandita, Raiyad, IkramAmit and others. It was fun and thrill to guide new contributors.

First one site SUMO KB L10N sprint in Bangladesh

To achieve this challenge, first time we arrange a on site SUMO KB L10N sprint. It was fun to do localization face to face. We learn a lots of thing, which a localizer faces when they start localizing.

You can see our conversation here.