Mozilla Booth @ BASIS Digital World 2015

BASIS Digital World is the biggest ICT exhibition of Bangladesh.  Around 200 Govt and private exhibitor and 3,00,000 visitors take part in this exhibition. Like BASIS Digital World 2014 we had a booth in the name of Mozilla Foundation.

The exhibition was for four days from 9 February to 12 February 2015.  The full exhibition was in 4 part. We were is Soft Expo. But due to Prime Minister protocol and security we merely had the first day. But from the second day it was quite well.

From last year booth, this year we have more booth attendee and visitor. So we decide something different this year. We gave all logistic responsibility two mozillians (Sharif, Tapu Afrad) . There task was to look after booth attendee need, are the booth attendee is on time time or not, boost up there confident, changing booth attendee after a certain time etc.  They did an awesome job. If it was not those two specially Sharif, it would be hard for us.

Though the exhibition is for four days, we count it as five days including one day for booth decoration. Since mozilla is a nonprofit and different organization we don’t do luxurious decoration. Day before the booth we spend that day to decorate the booth by ourselves and help of some carpenter. This time Sharif, Rabbi and Safwan help us to do so.

Day One

Our honorable Prime Minister inaugurate the exhibition. Due to Prime Minister protocol and Security we merely have the first day. We only had 2 hour and 30 minute.  We consider that day as our practice day.  On that day we figure out how to operate rest of three days.

Day Two

Second day started on time.  We set up a hand made SuMo chart in one side of the booth, on the other side of the booth we showed Webmaker and App Maker.  We had few Firefox OS devices with us, if any one interested to explore Firefox OS we showed them the devices.  At the middle of the day, we got some printed material of MDN, SuMo and Bangla Spell Checker.

Visitors are searching there problem in Firefox and asking for solution.


Sunnat on Action


Crowd in our booth


Rabbi talking with a potential dev

Day Three and Day Four

Day three and four started on time. This day we put down the SuMo chart and we start to promote Firefox Hello be starting Firefox Hello in two laptop on the booth. Visitors where amazed to see the new feature of Firefox. They loved it very much. On the other side visitor was crowded to see App Maker and Webmaker. We had few developer attendee on the booth also. If any one came to our booth for Firefox OS app development  our developer attendee talked with them.

Day three, few of the booth attendee


Visitor showing his interest to organize an event in his institute


A sixteen feet booth is not enough for us. Attendees are attending visitor outside of the booth.


Zak is talking with visitor


Fun with Firefox Hello


Awesome Asma is talking with visitors


Shovo on fire


Last Day crowd


Last day group photo


Booting into Gecko @ Developers Conference

Developers Conference is the biggest conference in the Digital World.  Aniruddha gave a talk in the conference about Firefox OS initialed Booting into Gecko. Slide is available here.

Aniruddha in Developer Conference


Aniruddha in Developer Conference
Aniruddha in Developer Conference


New mozillians of Mozilla Bangladesh

Recruiting new contributor is always great, but it is awesome when you can recruit constant contributor and make them new faces for the community. Event like booth in public exhibition is a great way to recruit and justify new contributors. Mozilla Booth @ BASIS Digital World 2015 is such event.

Fazle Rabby , Asma Swapna ,  Mahbub Alam , Khalid SyfullahAsif Raihan ,  Nandita Roy  are few of those contributors are not newly recruited, but there passion and love for open web was tested from this booth .

Dev Hub


Developer Support


Demonstration of Firefox Hello


Logistic and attendee


Awesome things in a pictures


Firefox tattoo <3


Firefox OS
Out of booth


Special thanks

I don’t want to write this part, but need to write this. I have to give acknowledgement to them, without whom this booth was not possible and successful. Thanks to Gen for the awesome help regarding budget. Thanks to MAK for ensuring 8X16 feet booth in the last moment for us. Thanks to Sharif, Tapu Afrad for your awesome support in the booth, without you it was impossible for me.  And thanks to all of them who were the attendee of the booth.

See you next year, if we all alive.

A lots of pictures of the booth.

SUMO top 100 KB localization challenge and mozilla Bangladesh

Yes we did it, we successfully complete the sumo top 100 KB localization challenge. It took almost 60 days to complete this. Thanks to our dedicated contributor’s awesome help and support. Still I am imagining how did we achieve this goal. Lets start from the begging.


Early days as a contributor I was departed to find some solid contribution way to mozilla. Then I came to know about SUMO, and its contribution ways. I was lucky SUMO have KB localization, and that time I did some localization for mozilla and various FOSS. So I start contributing at KB L10N. I got help from locale lead of bn-bd that time. I was continuously localizing SUMO KB’s until I noticed my localization  are not reviewing by the reviewer, because he was busy with other work and his studies. So I stop localization, but I was active on SUMO contributor forum.

In that time I learn about SUMO buddy program from SUMO contributor forum and applied for it, that was a pilot project that time. Since I can localize SUMO KB, so I start to train other to localize and I find some awesome contributor from there. But still I was not satisfied, because our locale was falling behind, just for we don’t have dedicated reviewer.

At mozilla summit 2013 I met with some awesome sumo contributors and Rosana, SUMO buddy program lead. From there we plan how we can grow our community. At mozilla festival I met with Rosana again. We plan so many things for bn-bd. Rosana told me to aim for top 20 KB localization, and so on. And she also give review power so that I can review articles.

After returning from festival I was trying to get together our KB localizer so we can finish the top 20 KB. And we successfully complete that. Then the big challenge was declared by the community, and our mission started from there.


Things started with this blog post. It was not that easy to start for a huge task. So we call for a open meeting, and we decide what to do, how to do? In the meeting we have decided that, me, Sawfan and Rabbi will be in IRC for a specif time to help new contributor.  Rabbi will write a blog post about how to localize SUMO KB.  And then it was officially announce that we are starting to finish this challenge.

Working Process

We make a contributor working pad.  The pad have few section. First one is description, then the contributor list, then the working area. We divided the working are into 3 section. First one is Doing, here contributors put the article name which they have started along with there name. Second part is Done, if a article localization is finish  then the contributor cut it from the Doing section and paste in the Done Section. From the Done section Reviewer (unfortunately I am the only reviewer of bn_BD) review the localize article and after finishing it, put the article in the Reviewed section. This is how we worked.

Initial Review

We found that it is hard a single person to complete review. So come with a plan, that our experience contributor will do a review for the reviewer, and inform reviewer. We named it initial review.  It was very much helpful for us.

New Contributors

Through out this challenge we found new contributors for SUMO like : Ashfaq, Nandita, Raiyad, IkramAmit and others. It was fun and thrill to guide new contributors.

First one site SUMO KB L10N sprint in Bangladesh

To achieve this challenge, first time we arrange a on site SUMO KB L10N sprint. It was fun to do localization face to face. We learn a lots of thing, which a localizer faces when they start localizing.

You can see our conversation here.


MozTour Rajshahi 2014

It is successfully finished at last.  We started planning for a single program for Rajshahi, then we finished with a  first MozTour of this year. We have successfully organize a mozilla Awareness program, a app train day and a webmaker event in three different institute.

We started on 16 night from Dhaka. With me Rahid Hasan, Safwan Rahman and Rabby Hossain also join with us from Dhaka. From Chapai Mahir Chowdhury joined with us.

On First Day to we organize mozilla Awareness event at Rajshahi Polytechnic institution. Rahid starts with introduction of mozilla and describe about mozilla and mozilla’s mission and product. After him Mahir take a session on Webmaker, Safwan talk about SuMo. After that it was a general Q/A session.

Second Day was all about Firefox OS  application training program at RUET.  I started with little details on Firefox OS. Then Rahid and Rabbi demonstrate how to build a app for firefox OS. We got some awesome app starter from this day.

At last day it was a awareness event in Rajshahi University. Mahir, Rabbi talk about Webmaker, Safwan talk about SuMo in the program.

Success Scenario

  • 10 potential Firefox OS App developer
  • 1 awesome sumo warrior
  • A huge community

More Pictures

SuMo KB l10n onsite Sprint Dhaka

It was #awesome.  We have successfully complete about 12 SuMo localization and successfully reviewed 9 of them.  Now the current dashboard looks like

SuMo KB bn-bd Dashboard after SuMo KB l10n onsite sprint Dhaka.

From a long time I was planning to organize a SuMo (support mozilla) event in Bangladesh. We do advocacy of this mozilla project but never did any stand alone program of it.  “Top 100″: the SUMO localization challenge! triggered my will. We accept the challenge and starts our sprint.  As a part of our sprint we organize a SuMo KB l10n onsite Dhaka Sprint.

It was very hard for us to find a venue for this event. But thanks to BRACU Firefox Club helping us to use there computer lab.

At the start Safwan describe about SuMo. He describe what it SuMo, how we can contribute to this project.  You can get the slides from here.

Safwan is talking about SuMo

After him Rabby shows how we can localize SuMo KB in our local Language.  In this talk he describe all the things that are necessary for localization.

Rabby is showing how to localize SuMo KB

After him participants starts localizing. We successfully completed  12 KB localization and 9 of them reviewed at the same time.  Tapu Afrad was the first who completed a KB localization.

This is how a end a program of SuMo worriers.

More pictures

Webamker @ DIU

After a lot of discussion and talk with authority we got permission to organize a webmaker event in DUI on February 2014. To promote the event we planed to setup a booth.  Due to busy schedule it was hard to get venue. But finally we got venue for 28 February.

We setup a booth on 26 February to promote our event. The booth was for 3 hour. We get a lot of response from the booth.

Booth visitor
Booth attendee

On the event date we started on time.  From mozilla Bangladesh there was 6 trainer. I started with mozilla mission and webmaker. Then we starts showing them the webmaker tools.

Rifaz shows them how to use Thimble. Sunnat help him a little to code.

Rifaz “Doing good is part of our code “

After him Sunnat showed how to use Popcorn maker.

Sunnat Showing Popcorn maker

After that Sharif showed xray googls. It was the most interesting part. Audiences were full of surprise.

Sharif showing xray goggles


After that we make the floor open to ask question regarding moziila, mozilla Bangladesh and other thing. This is how an awesome event finished.

Mozilla @ NSU tech Fiesta

After a long waiting at last NSU Tech Fiesta take place.  With the great support of NSU Firefox Club and Mozilla Bangladesh community we have successfully arrange 2 sessions (Firefox App Train and WebMaker intro). Thanks to all those who work hard for this.

First we starts with Firefox OS App train. Sunnat starts with quick introduction of firefox OS with his awesome popcorn make.  He talked about what is firefox OS,  how it is build, where it is launched, etc etc.


After that Anisur Rahman start talking about how to build Firefox OS Application.  Participants install Firefox OS simulator in there computer , we demonstrate Firefox OS developer preview phone,  and nexus 7 with Firefox OS community build. After installing the Firefox OS simulator Anisur Rahman started to show how to code for Firefox OS Application.  He shows how to build a Hello World Application.


IMG_20140324_115344670 IMG_20140324_115502813
Second session was about webmaker.  I started the session with little introduction of WebMaker. I talked about WebMaker Tools, Templates and WebMaker Community.


After that Rashiq (NSU FSA) talk about Thimble.  He shows how to use thimble and how to learn coding using Thimble.  Participants where interested about it.

IMG_20140324_145600499 IMG_20140324_145836160
After him Sunnat talked about Popcorn Maker.  He shows how to to build an awesome video on using popcorn maker.


After his demo, Salman Rahman shows how to use MDN to learn coding.  He also shows how to contribute to MDN project.
After there session, perticipants make some popcorn makes with in few minutes. We give some swags and finish the event.

Again thanks to all specially NSU FSA’s to make this event a success.


Mozilla Festival 2013

I was just amazed when I got a mail that I am invited to perticipate at Mozilla Festival 2013 as a mozilla reps volunteer. I was little bit confused, because the mail was not from mozilla, but when I check the reps portal the mail sender is a reps also, then I become sure that I am invited.

I was so pleased that mozilla invited me, instead of I didn’t apply for that. My joy come to zero (0) when I learned that it will take minimum 15 working days to get UK visa, and I don’t have that much time because that time I was preparing myself to attend mozilla summit 2013 which was held at USA,  and I will not get enough time after returning from summit.  But thanks to Swarnava he inform me that there is something called fast track. I check again with local visa processing agency and they inform me I can get visa with in 2 workings days if I can fulfil some requirement.  I was happy then, because on of the requirement you have to visit USA atlist one time before apply for visa :). After returing from summit I apply for visa and I got it. Thanks to mozilla for helping me to got my visa.

We where ask to reached london 24 October one day before the festival. For that I started on 23 October from Dhaka. I reached London safely but had to face tough imigration :). There question what will you do at the festival. Fortunately they let me enter at UK :D. After collecting my bag, I was seaching for two fellow reps, who arrived 30 minutes before me, but I fail to find them, and when saw there message, they already started for hotel. Then I started for the hotel also.

First Webmaker Mentor Call

I am contributing to webmaker project from March 2013, but I never attend webmaker mentor calls. But I was lucky enough that, there was a mentor call at 24 October, and we where invited to mozilla London office to attend the call. It was fun to attend the mentor call.

Meet with fellow reps

It was my third mozilla program over the border, and second time for a reps only meeting. But this time it was not that much reps, so atleast I can talk with them better then before :).

Meet with other volunteers of festival

We where 268 contributer in the festival including reps, mozillian and others. I was amazed to see a lots of contributor there, more over I have learned that on the first festival the amount of the perticipants was near to this year contributor. Isn’t it amazing, we are growning for sure.

First day of festival
First day part one was just for meetup of all contributors, general discussions, telling us our responsibilities and discussion amongst the space wrangler and there sessions and scrum. Making posters and banners for there floor. We remix (hacked) some webmaker tshirt for ourselves.

From 6 PM science fair was started, there was a Firefox Student Ambassador booth, a webmaker booth also. There was a lots of freaky things like paintbrush printer, which print using paintbrush and paper paint with instruction from PC. Also there was booth for app maker, which enable you to make web apps visually.  There was a booth from Open Knowledge foundation, knight foundation, github etc. It was continue for two hours. Then we go for all reps dinner at O2 arena near to venue, after dinner back to hotel.

Second day of Festival

We went early to the venue to set reps booth. Set up our booth and fixed a place where we can put our stuffs. Purpose of the booth was to promote mozilla mission to the festival participants, and for us if we need any help. Soon we finish decorating our booth, we rush to the keynotes. Some one said that, she like webmaker because, once her teacher told her she can not learn how to build web, but thanks to webmaker, now she can build her own web :).

After the keynotes sessions were started in each floor, of each track. I was interested on teach the web track, so I was moving around on the 6th Floor. I perticipate on a open discussion call “Building collaboration across the open space”, it was helped by Open Knowledge Foundation.

After that the lunch time started. I was moving around the 6th floor, and talking with the localization scrum table, to help other with webmaker localization things. After lunch I hacked webmaker tshirts for our community members. I make a badge also. When I was making a badge some one come to me and take my interview about open badges. One of the biggest maker party was held at the ground floor of the venue. There was too many things, specially for kids. Like learning python by playung games, remixing a web page. There was also a 3D printer. The maker party was three hours long.

Third day of Festival

I was late at third day. The keynotes where started. The keynotes were not interesting as previous day. After the keynotes I collect my festival participant badge. Then I join with maker party fellows, who was discussing how to make maker party better next year. It was a long discussion and we sort out a lots of point for the next year maker party. While we were discussing it was lunch time. I took my lunch and again start discussing.

After finish this discussing I plan to move around all the floor, to see what is happening there. I fond something interested on the open science floor. It was commons Machinery. They are trying to build some like photo sharing service with creative commons idea.

After that I join a with karen for how to start a maker party cookbook. It was fun, and I have learn some thing new about organizing a event. After this the fair was. In this two days what we have successfully build was presenting there. I was amazed, that there was too many things which was build. Some one made popcorn maker fork, with some new features, it was cool. And a lots of things. I got a PI also.

More pictures

This how mozilla festival 2013 was. I enjoy it very much, learn a lots of thing about organizing events, open hardwares and a lot.


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